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How to put on a body kit

Because of the soaring of popularity of cars, uniqueness and coolness became a very important thing to car owners, and that is what body kits give them. Body kits have gained a lot of popularity and these days, it is pretty common to see cars installed with it.
Installing a body kit correctly needs time and precision, a little error may change the outcome appearance of your car and may turn worst than what you initially expected, so there are some tips you should bear in mind to install a body kit perfectly.
Firstly you should wash the car with car shampoo. Clean the vehicle thoroughly especially the area where the body kit will be installed to. Then, apply rubbing alcohol to a paper towel and thoroughly clean the lower part of the front bumper as this is the place where the kit will be installed to. Repeat this process to the inside of the front lip of the body kit.
When you’re about to put that body kit, hold it firmly onto the front bumper with a chosen assistant and gauge if everything will fit correctly. Apply a 3M automotive tape inside the bumper kit but don’t peel it yet. Make sure that it is securely on the kit. With the help of your assistant, peel the second protective layer of the tape and put the front lip on the bumper. Be careful and be sure that it is properly aligned, and if it is, give it a push to secure the bond.
Repeat the steps as it is similar whether you’ll install at the back or front. Clean the rockers of the vehicle next, the one that run along the side of the car with paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Repeat the cleaning at the backside of the rockers of the body kit.
Make sure the rockers will fit, and apply the double-sided tape at the backside of the body kit pieces and once again, check whether it firmly fits the car. Peel it the layer of the tape with your assistant and put on the side rockers. Drill two self-tapping screws into the corners of the rockers using a self-tapping screw and the drill with right angle attachment. You want to secure the body kit to the car through the fenderwell area.
Once you’ve done everything right, the appearance of your car will surely be top-notched as it should be and you’ll surely say that you money was well spent on the body kit.

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