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Clean Big Body Kit

Often times when modifying a car, people strive to make them unrecognizable to even the trained enthusiast’s eye. In the case of our friend Phet, from Thailand, he took a relatively common daily driver overseas and transformed it into something that most of us out here wouldn’t even be able to recognize. Sure, the Nissan Teana might seem somewhat common out in Thailand, but when the photos of this car started to surface in North America, even Nissan heads were suggesting that it might be anything from Honda & Toyota to even a big body Lexus. In my opinion Phet has done a great job of keeping the car looking obscure without going over the top with things like custom headlights, bumpers and body parts.
First thing I noticed when seeing Phet’s car was the fact that the camber matches from front to rear, something North America hasn’t quite caught onto yet. This, in my opinion, is the right way to do excessive camber. I find even those who don’t enjoy the “cambered” look tend to be attracted to this type of fitment more so than uneven numbers.
Camber aside, this car achieves its low height and over all stance via a custom bag set up. Manual paddle valves control all four corners, the front being a universal aero sport style bag over a BC racing strut and the rear being a universal bag with Kayaba SR shocks. All of which was put together by Phet. He mentions that he wasn’t very knowledgeable in the air department prior to this and that the majority of what he knows was learned through the forums, further proving the power of the internet! The car was initially static but due to Phet’s wife being the primary driver of the vehicle, air was a suitable option. Not to mention it’s still somewhat of a “family” vehicle.
As with any car, wheels make or break the styling, so you need to be very careful when selecting wheel styles as every car has wheels that work and ones that don’t. Phet went with a personal Stance: Nation favorite, SSR wheels. Polished lips and black faced MS1′s suit this Nissan Teana about as perfect as it gets. Nissan sedans are often known to have relatively thin fender clearance, unlike their coupe counterparts, but in this case Phet is pushing some pretty impressive numbers offset wise. Up front a 19×8.5 -20 is perfectly flush with the fender, out back identical fitment is attained with a 19×9.5 +3. Both front and rear are wrapped in 215/35/19 Goodyear/Nankang NS20 tires. Overall the wheels and fitment on this car are about as on point as it gets.
Exterior wise the car was kept relatively mellow, a clean and classy Ativus body kit works great with the lines of the vehicle and really should have come this way from the factory. The best part about body modes is when you can honestly say that it looks factory or it fits like OEM. In this case the body works looks immaculate as well as the fit and finish on all four pieces of the kit. A subtle lip spoiler ties together the rear end nicely with the shaved trunk lid and the emblem-less grille keeps you guessing of the make.

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