Natural Outdoor Furniture

Our wicker outdoor furniture products include tables, single/double chairs, sofas, 4-piece sets and screens made with resin wicker, aluminum tubes, wrought iron bars and glass. Some of them can be folded up to save place and be easily carried.

Wicker is the natural choice for building outdoor furniture that is mainly used in casual situation. Although wicker furniture fits in OK with indoor use, their natural material and rough look often remind you more of an outdoor environment.

Imagine on a sunny day you place them in the garden, on the grass and under the shelter of a tree, with tea or coffee served, you sit in a wicker chair chatting with your family casually or plunging yourself deeply in a book. What an amiable scene.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Unlike others made by solid materials, wicker outdoor furniture is perfect for use in hot weather. A wicker chair for example, usually has gaps between the twigs, which allows air to pass through, preventing heat buildup at the buttocks and thigh part of a person’s body. This is why wicker furniture is more widely used in places with hot climate. The southern part of China for instance, is one of the traditional markets for this kind of products.

However, outdoor furniture made of natural wicker has its weaknesses. The primary concern is maintenance. Due to its botanical attributes, wicker tends to absorb dirt and filth into its tissue, thus giving the furniture a darkish color and an “old” look after a prolonged use.

While being produced in the similar appearance, resin wicker does not have the same problem as its natural counterpart. Resin wicker furniture is easy as well as cheap to be taken care of. They can even be washed with soap water to regain their original status without any damage done.

A complete series of outdoor furniture is made with resin wicker to achieve value, durability and easy maintenance.

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Many suppliers and exporters of teak patio furniture, produce over 50 styles of products, including tables, chairs, armed chairs and park benches made of teak timber, chromed or coated tubular aluminum and wrought iron bars. Many can be folded up for easy transportation and space saving purpose.

Among the wooden materials for patio furniture manufacturing, teak is the single most ideal one. It is provided with tremendous strength and toughness, but can be flexible and elastic at the same time for easier processing and better shaping. No wonder teak has long been welcomed in furniture industry.

And also, teak is an interesting wooden material, if you may say so, because it possesses features that are so special that you can hardly find on any other timbers. Teak produces “oil” by itself that when mixed with the air, will form a thin hard layer covering the surface and giving it a shinny gold color.

Teak usually need not be painted at all since its natural oil serves the purpose well both in terms of coloring and keeping off insects and humidity. These characteristics make furniture made of teak more appropriate for harsh outdoor environment than those made of other wood.

Teak emits a refreshing fragrance that is unique to it only. It is said that teak wood even has the function of air regulation when used indoor. To some extent, it is an environmental friendlier material for furniture building, since no extra chemicals (paint for example) are required for the treatment.

Because of its many advantages, teak is indispensable to modern outdoor patio furniture.