Stack Chairs Stack-able with Style

Metal Stacking Chairs Have you ever had to throw a big event and couldn’t find enough seating for all your guests?

The metal stacking chairs can be a real life saver for events, parties, receptions, family reunions, school assemblies and much more. Best Folding Tables and Chairs give you every metal stacking chair option you can dream of, even stacking chairs with padding for extra cushion.

From the Banquet style metal stacking chairs to the plain old heavy duty metal chairs, we have all your metal stacking chair needs taken into consideration.

Many of the metal stacking chairs come in batches of four, knowing that you may need to order more than just one. Our metal stacking chairs are ergonomically designed and priced just right for personal or business use.

Stacking Arm Chairs

The Stacking Arm Chairs give you a great way to sit down in comfort while adding an innovative space saving solution. Because of the armrest, the stacking armchairs are one of the most comfortable stacking chairs on the market.

In most cases, you will find that the pricing of our best folding chairs and folding tables are about half of others in the marketplace, giving you an awesome deal on stacking chairs.

The Comfort Stacker with arms is a stacking arm chair that works well for an office environment, and the heavy duty stack-able chair with arms is basic comfort at its best. Stacking armchairs work well at medical offices and health clinics, religious and business locales and conference rooms.

Lightweight Stack Chairs

Just like the lightweight folding chairs we sell, the lightweight stack chairs provide an opportunity to seat a large number of people in a limited space.

If you have a need for a high volume of chairs, these easy stacking chairs are lightweight and fit within a small storage space while not in use. We have a large selection of stacking chairs – ranging from the Classic Series ™ Stacking Chairs to the one-of-a kind Magic Chairs.

Check out our ergonomically appealing stack chairs like the Virtuoso Series, IQ Series, Virco Zuma Chairs, or Melody Music Chairs.

All of our lightweight stacking chairs are built to last and come at a great price. Stock up on stacking chairs with Best Folding Tables and Chairs abundant stack chair lineup. Guaranteed you won’t be left empty-seated!

Chair Carts
Your Storage Solution

Any administrator or event coordinator knows that set-up and clean-up present the most hassle of any event. At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, we’re changing all of that with our wide selection of durably crafted chair carts.

We provide a variety of efficient options for safely loading, transporting, and storing your folding chairs. Each of our chair carts is ruggedly constructed to withstand heavy loads and many years of use.

Designed to accommodate metal or plastic chairs of various sizes, they can easily store and convey chairs in a vertical, upright position or in a horizontal, flat position.

Many of our chair carts offer optional inserts or storage kits that add additional versatility, accommodating many more chairs and alternate styles.

This option is much more cost-effective than purchasing two chair carts of differing sizes and capabilities—just another way we’re raising the bar on efficient folding chair storage. At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, we pride ourselves in meeting all types of seating and storage needs.

Stacking Chair Carts

Stacking Chair Carts are a great investment for banquet halls that host large gatherings where setup and tear down of stacking chairs is necessary.

Save precious time and back strain by stacking chairs on this dolly with wheels to roll the chairs back into a storage unit when the event is over. Stacking chair carts hold multiple chairs and can be used for either folding chairs or stacking chairs.

Especially for those venues that have to hire many workers, the stacking chair cuts will cut expenses in a big way. School assemblies, large gatherings, business conferences and expos, religious events and many more facilities will find use for these affordable carts that store chairs.

Best Folding Tables and Chairs have the chairs and all of the accessories you need for crowd pleasing results and worry-free entertaining.