Specialty Furniture

When we say we have the Best Folding Tables & Chairs, we aren’t kidding! The outstanding specialty service furniture addition to our inventory is a good example.

We have cool furniture like Cafe & Restaurant Furniture with built-in cafe table tops, cafe tables and cafe table bases. We specialize in tables for cafeterias for hospitals, schools and mobile cafeteria furniture.

The specialty furniture section also includes music room furniture, computer furniture, school and classroom furniture, science lab furniture and banquet furniture.

That means we have great tables and chairs to fill the niche for schools, universities, college campuses, medical and health facilities and many more places.

Businesses may be hunting for seminar & conference furniture, and we have that covered also. We are a one stop shop for all your specialty table and chair needs.

Banquet Furniture

Getting the right Banquet Furniture for your special event is a cinch with our outstanding catalog of banquet room tables and banquet room chairs and furniture.

Best Folding Tables & Chairs has a complete list of furniture for banquet halls, including round and rectangular folding banquet tables in various sizes, plus the accompanying banquet room folding or stack-able chairs and miscellaneous items like wireless head sets and wireless mics for speaking engagements.

When you scroll though the catalog of banquet tables, you will find tables made out of particle board, plywood and of course plastic for the utmost durability and high-traffic situations.

Browse the banquet chairs and you will see great products like the signature lightweight stacking chairs, folding chairs and padded chairs. We even have the portable dance floor to help you get the party started right.

Seminar & Conference Furniture

Getting a seminar or conference to run smoothly starts with having the right furnishings available.

Our complete list of conference furnishings include seminar tables, seminar chairs, sound lecterns and non-sound lecterns, acrylic lecterns, computer carts, listening center supplies and a host of additional seminar accessories with even more important products.

Choosing the right seminar furnishings for your trade show or conference is made simple and easy with our abundant catalog of specialty furniture.

You will also find banquet tables and banquet chairs in another category on our site, so we literally have all of the seminar furniture your business needs to host a professional event.

Other than the suit you will wear to the speaking engagement or conference function, Best Folding Tables and Chairs has you covered nicely.

Mobile Cafeteria Tables For Hassle-Free Setups

Choose from our selection of mobile cafeteria tables for a stylish, functional design that’s easy to clean and store.

Thanks to smooth-rolling casters, these tables can be easily moved to create custom seating configurations.

The casters lock securely into place for safe and secure dining, and then quickly become portable again for transport to a storage area. Plus, clean-up is a breeze—simply roll our tables out of the way or into a different position for easy access to every surface.

At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, many of our mobile cafeteria tables are also topped with an impenetrable laminate that wards off food, fingerprints, and bacteria.

Our cafeteria tables are designed for versatile coordination with casual dining affairs. All of our tables include a 10- or 15-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting durability with each model.

Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

Running a cafe, restaurant or bistro means having to choose the right decor to highlight the ambiance of your establishment.

Getting the right furnishings can be a headache if not chosen wisely. At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, you will find the best selection of cafe tables, cafe table tops and cafe chairs at incredibly low prices.

We carry different styles of cafe and restaurant furnishings, like cafe break room tables that come in round, rectangular or square shapes.

Give your employees a place to take a break and eat lunch with a sturdy break room table, in varying sizes and colors that will fit in a confined space.

Replacing the nasty tabletops at a restaurant or cafe will do wonders for your establishment and will provide a clean and safe environment for your patrons.

We specialize in hard-to-find cafe tables and more specialty furnishings for every type of business.

Melody Music Chair and Sheet Music Stand
They Hit the High Notes

Manufactured by National Public Seating, this music chair features a five-year warranty and comes with a budget-friendly price.

Our musical chairs are well-designed for decades of harmonious seating. Each one is ergonomically constructed to facilitate proper breathing techniques, making these chairs ideal for singers, musicians, and other entertainers who rely on proper back support to hone their skills.

These sturdy music chairs will stand up to wear and tear, maintaining their sleek, handsome appearance even through many weeks of everyday use.Not only will these versatile chairs blend seamlessly with the decor of your classroom or music room, they also stack easily for quick, safe storage and transport.

Our high-quality musical chairs are constructed with strong, durable frames to create structurally sound seating that is also comfortable enough to sit in for hours of practice.

We know you have a choice in commercial seating, which is why Best Folding Tables & Chairs strives to offer a high level of functionality at an unrivaled value.

The perfect accompaniment, this sheet music stand will stand up to the demands of your most accomplished musician.

School Chairs Setting the Standard

Stylish and sturdy, our high-quality school chairs will be a pleasure to sit in, providing students with a welcome change from dated chair designs that offer less stability and little comfort.

Our school chairs are available in a wide range in colors and designs, ensuring that they’ll complement your existing classroom furnishings. We also offer many different seat heights to accommodate children of all ages.

With impressive 5- to 10-year warranties, our chairs are set apart by their longevity, resistance to aging, and durability. Our wide collection of school chairs includes traditionally built seats, sleek chairs with a modern flair, and more contemporary seating that combines comfort and cutting-edge style.

Whether you need seating for your classroom, board room, or training center, all of the folding chairs in our vast collection receive high marks for their low price tags and impressive performance.

Science Lab Furniture

Every lab student needs a comfortable place to sit, work and study. Our science lab furnishings help your school or university achieve this with a number of practical science lab furniture supplies, from the science lab tables, padded science lab stools and regular science lab stools for every student.

You can choose from padded or non-padded stools. Our science stools have adjustable heights and backrests for comfortable studying of bugs and frogs or science related projects.

Our science lab furniture is not just for schools, we sell lab furnishings to medical facilities, hospitals, police labs, crime labs, or any type of lab that needs a sturdy lab stool and laboratory table to work on.

The lab tables also come in different sizes to accommodate room sizes – big and small. With all of these great science lab furniture pieces your lab will be looking sharp in no time.

Computer Furniture

Working on a computer for a long period of time can be hard on the wrists, back or body. Our high pressure Bi-level Work Stations provide more comfort for students or employees who spend long hours on the computer.

Computer furniture is ergonomically designed to fit in small spaces. From the office cubicle to a home office environment, we have just the computer work station you need to get your work accomplished in organized fashion.

Many of our computer stations have adjustable Bi-level designs that allow you to operate the computer with your hands far enough below the monitor that you can operate all day in comfort. You can also organize papers better with a nice workstation.

We also carry items like the computer cart for those of you who need a professional operation or presentation. Browse though the catalog today and find the computer station that fits your needs best.