Scams to Avoid When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

On the subject of memory foam mattress information, the old saying “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is” ought to be at the front in folk’s minds.

An unlucky issue is the fact that genuine memory foam simply isn’t cheap, so unethical companies will inevitably skimp to try to help make more revenue, or they will pass off an item as memory foam of which simply isn’t the genuine article. Therefore prospective customers genuinely have to pay attention, to guarantee they are receiving what they think they are getting.

It’s true that as a lot more organizations have started production of the foam, the retail price moved down to some degree. However customers still should not take anything at all for granted.

The SelectFoam web page reports that many Asian-made memory foam mattress specifically should attract increased scrutiny. Since the increased denseness with the legitimate foam is a paramount element in producing its properties (answering and adjusting body temperature, and returning to its original shape and size), most Asian foam pourers add clay to the mixture, to make the denseness greater. You would never guess how this detracts from the true performance of the foam.

The selectfoam website furthermore cautions too buy memory foam mattress on auction web sites, as these goods are frequently misrepresented there. If at all possible, you must be able to take a look at the mattress for a risk free period. And you should research the businesses who’re selling it, to find out if their processes or customer service happen to be reported or criticized.

Healthy Foundations likewise issues a word – several words, in fact – of extreme caution. The author of the Guide to Memory Foam page accounts several horror stories from insiders in the manufacturers themselves: replacing low-cost filler injections rather than legitimate memory foam, in order to save money; cascades of bad foam being used in spite of not achieving the product quality standards, to conserve the amount of money it cost to generate those pours to begin with; and merely conveying their item as having a higher denseness than it actually does.

The thing this author can suggest is either buying from the very well-known, trustworthy company like Tempur-Pedic, or if you want to choose a less popular organization, at the very least do your analysis to make certain they have been properly evaluated and don’t have any major grievances against them. One particular important factor must be whether or not each batch of foam that comes from the manufacturer gets independently graded. If you cannot discover these things out from the store or even the web site that you’d like to purchase the mattress, you might be safer looking in other places.

Geoff Donald, with the GS.Milburn web site, has been doing substantial analysis on several companies and the attributes of these mattresses. He, also, clearly recommends against looking to get a memory foam mattress from auction web sites. However in his numerous posts about producing your own mattress, particularly in one entitled, “The Memory Foam Top Coating,” he lists a number of trustworthy companies that one could make contact with in person, to inquire about all your queries.

A memory foam mattress can be a major outlay, and something that may have an effect on your quality of life, sometimes positively or adversely. In the end, the time and energy it will take to do careful analysis before purchasing a mattress is going to be worth every penny.