Plastic Folding Chairs

When shopping for plastic folding chairs—no matter what the occasion or venue—you should look for a chair that offers versatility, durability, and good value.

Inspect the construction of each chair, paying special attention to the sturdiness and comfort of the seating area. Don’t settle for flimsy versions that might cost less up-front, but then fall apart or start to wobble after just a few uses.

Finally, you want a design that will be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional—choose a chair style that complements your existing furniture and decor.

Many of today’s cushioned plastic folding chairs are upholstered with fashion-forward fabrics that resist weather, spills, and everyday wear and tear.

At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, we’ve assembled a vast assortment of high-quality folding chairs, allowing you to choose the perfect seating option for your occasion. We work with only the finest manufacturers to ensure longevity, solid construction, and handsome designs.

Our chairs are ideal for business meetings, family gatherings, public events, wedding receptions, graduations, and more, as they’re available in a variety of colors, styles, and designs. Our high-quality plastic chairs resist rusting, temperature extremes, and environmental wear and tear.

Padded Folding Chairs
For Comfort Built to Last

When you need the practicality of a portable folding chair but want something more comfortable, consider purchasing padded folding chairs.

If you have an event where people need to be seated for extended periods of time, their bodies will thank you for providing a comfortable chair. And for venues that need a quick setup, you can’t beat the speed and efficiency of a portable folding chair.

After using these chairs, it’s easy to see that the step up in price from a traditional metal folding chair is truly worth the comfort factor — after all, comfort is key!

Metal Folding Chairs
Practical and Economical

Known for their durability and longevity, metal folding chairs are also preferred for their budget-friendly value. At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, our selection of metal folding chairs includes classic designs that are sure to fit in with any décor.

Available in a wide range of colors, our metal folding chairs make it easy to infuse your signature style into any event. Easily portable, they’re a perfect way to add go-anywhere seating whenever the occasion arises.

Many of the chairs in our collection are resistant to spills and routine use. Their easily stack-able design allows for effortless clean-up and storage after your event—once folded, a large number can be stored in a compact space.

Some of our metal folding chairs include an optional writing tablet arm for enhanced convenience. Merging a comfortable design with incredible functionality, our seating options stack up against the competition.

Browse our selection and see for yourself why these versatile chairs are ideal for banquet halls, outdoor events, educational centers, training rooms, and any other locale where comfortable, convenient seating is a must.

Lightweight Folding Chairs

The lightweight folding chairs provide a perfect way to add extra sitting arrangements for many guests. Not only will you add much needed sitting room, these lightweight folding chairs for sale come in several different styles for lightweight portable chair comfort or classic folding chairs you may have seen at various events.

You will find styles like the Fan back Poly folding chair with detailed backrest cutouts; or you can find Classic style chairs like the Standard Folding Metal chair. Our plastic folding chairs are affordable and practical.

Best Folding Tables and Chairs even have lightweight portable chairs that fold easily to stack in the back of a pickup or SUV to take along with you.

New materials and technology make these light folding chair designs even easier to justify. No matter which folding chair selection you choose, you will find only the best folding chair designs for portability as its priority.

Stack Chairs
Stack-able with Style

Stack chairs are ideal for multi-purpose use in a variety of locales and different occasions. Simply use the chairs when necessary, then stack them for easy, space-efficient storage after your event.

At Best Folding Tables & Chairs, our collection of stack chairs is both design-friendly and functional. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles, from classic designs ideal for traditional classrooms or educational facilities to chairs that are designed with a contemporary flair to add a distinctive note to a boardroom or lecture hall.

Our stack chairs are designed with comfort, longevity, and portability in mind—guests won’t mind sitting in these chairs for hours, and the clean-up crew will appreciate the convenience of stacking them up and carting them away.

Plastic Stacking Chairs

If you have a need for a high volume of chairs with a limited amount of storage space, then you may want to purchase a few – or a lot – of Best Folding Chairs and Tables plastic stacking chairs.

Our large section of assorted stacking chairs ranges from the Classic Series ™ stacking chairs to the more outlandish Magic Chairs and Melody Music Chairs. You’ve played musical chairs, but never played with the Melody Music Chairs for all your guests to enjoy.

The Ultra-stack Chairs are a lightweight stacking chair solution and many of our stacking chair options come in batches of four to save time and money.

All of our portable stacking chairs are built to last and come at an affordable price. These great stacking chair options are perfect for schools or for the office to meet your multiple seating requests.

Padded Stacking Chairs

Much like our plastic stacking chairs, the padded stacking chair allows you to store away more chairs in a small amount of space. The big difference here is the padding where it counts – right where you sit.

Each and every padded stacking chair has its own style that can be matched with any home, school, church or business decor. We have cleverly designed stacking chairs with padding on the backrests, too.

The Dome Back stacking chair, Low Back stacking chair, Tear Drop stacking chair, and upholstered stacking chairs work well for banquet halls and receptions, providing guests the ultimate comfort in portable padded chairs.

Best Folding Tables and Chairs gives you more folding chair and stacking chair options than you ever thought possible. When you have to sit and stay awhile, make sure you sit in padded seating for maximum comfort.