Metal and PVC Outdoor Furniture

Modern aluminum patio furniture series comprises aluminum (chromed or coated) tables and chairs, folding chairs and bar stools. You can also find special roll-up top portable tables supplied with polyester carrying bags that are perfect for traveling. For convenience of categorization, we have put our stainless steel tables in this series, considering the fact that they are all made of metals.

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is extremely suitable for use in places with high humidity density, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beaches, water side, etc., owing to the fact that aluminum never rusts in the mixture of air and damp like other metals usually do. In other words, they are actually weather proof.

Another important characteristics of our aluminum patio furniture is that they are light but steady enough. As we know that aluminum is one of the lightest metals commonly used. Most of the aluminum chairs, for example, that can support a figure of 150 kg (330 lb.) weigh less than 3 kg (6.6 lb.), a load even a child would have no problem to handle. For furniture used in outdoor environment, this is one of the basic requirements – can be moved around easily.

Outdoor aluminum patio furniture requires little maintenance. They never get stained and need no repainting. When they are spoiled by dirt or filthy substances, a piece of cloth and plain water will be sure to return them to how they originally looked, saving considerable time you would have spent on furniture care.

PVC Outdoor Furniture

We offer a series of PVC patio furniture that comes in outdoor patio tables, chairs, folding tables, director chairs and compact portable picnic table sets made with PVC, tubular aluminum, wrought iron bars and PVC coated fabrics. Portability is emphasized in this category.

Among popular PVC patio furniture, we would like to give a special introduction to our portable PVC patio furniture sets, the “Compact Picnic Folding Tables” as they are usually call them, that are cleverly designed just for leisure traveling. They are made with combination of PVC and aluminum tubes. As you can see from the product descriptions, the tables and benches are integrated all together. All the parts can be folded down and put into a single carrying case with handle. The case itself is actually the table top when fully opened, with a small round opening in the middle for setting up an umbrella.

The portable PVC patio furniture sets are perfect for family outdoor activities, especially when going out for traveling. You can just take the compact case out, place it in the trunk of a car and drive away, and use it for picnic in the wild, swimming at the beach, etc. to have some quality leisure time with your family. Besides, they may also fit into more rigorous applications, such as scientific field studies or excavations, or even military operations.

Before proceeding to the product picture gallery, please be reminded that the color of our PVC patio furniture can be adjusted to your requests.

Outdoor Shelves

Besides our outdoor patio furniture, many furniture companies also offers wine racks and closet shelves, book shelves, storage shelves, corner shelves, magazine holders, floral baskets and flower stands made of wrought iron and resin wicker (or rattan).

You can find wine racks for 3, 5, 9 and 15 bottles, 3 and 4-drawer closet shelves, 3, 4 and 5-tier book/storage/display shelves and corner shelves, round and square flower stands (3 different sizes for each style), magazine holders, waste bucket and small cabinet shelves for office use and flower baskets for gardening, etc.

All the wine racks and shelves are built with artistry and elegance. Each product itself is a piece of artwork and can serve as an indoor display item that harmonizes with surrounding atmosphere, yet without leaving the practicality out.