How to Stop Snoring: Do You Make These Snoring Mistakes?

Snoring comes from the vibration of the throat. This is often caused by a blockage in the airway, often due to structural problems. While it seems like such a simple problem, it can cause a lot of trouble.

It is not rare for people to wake up and immediately ask, “Did I snore,” to their bed partner. If a big group sleeps in the same area, loud snorers are often the subject of jokes. Aside from the embarrassment caused by this problem, there is the very real disturbance it causes.

Bed partners and family members are often the ones who experience problems with the snoring. They have difficulty sleeping because of the sound. Sometimes, even the whole house can hear the snoring!

Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Aside from the embarrassment, and disturbing friends and family, snoring can be the symptom of a sleep disorder. One common disorder is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This is a disorder wherein a sufferer experiences gaps in breathing during sleep. Other symptoms include difficulty getting to sleep and suddenly waking in the middle of the night.

The number of people who have experienced problems with snoring has grown in great numbers. Many experts attribute this to less activity and weight gain of the overall population. Studies conducted on sleep disorders indicate that the majority of those who snore are in their mid 30’s.

Three common factors have been found in a many of those who snore:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • weight gain

Removing these factors can drastically reduce snoring in most people. Weight loss can also remove the Extra weight is attributed to snoring because the muscles of the throat and jaw loosen with weight gain.

Stop Snoring

A simple change in the sleeping position can also remove snoring. Lying flat on the back can allow gravity to pull back the tongue into the throat. This would block the airway and cause the snoring sound. Several anti-snoring pillows are manufactured to help with this problem.

These pillows help the sleeper stay on the side or back, or elevate the head, to prevent this situation. One sample is the SnoreEzzz pillow. Its structure is similar to a valley with two elevations meant to cradle the head.

Cradling the tongue or aligning the jaw can help resolve the problem. Several headgears and mouthpieces do this. One such product is the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter. Most people who snore have their mouths open, this supporter makes sure the jaw stays closed so that the tongue does not fall down the throat.

If these do not stop your snoring, simply go to a physician to get some more help. They will typically recommend a sleep test so that they can observe your symptoms. Body and brain activity is measured to check what’s wrong.

Recommended By Doctors

Doctors can recommend positive airway pressure masks that pump air into the throat. These help keep the breathing continuous for sleep apnea sufferers. The masks vary in the way they pump air, some have continuous pressure, while others monitor the sufferer’s breathing to match it. Severe cases of sleep apnea and snoring can also be treated by surgery.

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