Easy Methods to Maintain Your Wood Home Furniture

So you’ve decided to buy those cherry tree chairs and that wonderful harvest family table, now how can you ensure they will last a life time? Most people will agree with the fact that maintaining wood furniture is really quite simple. While using right tools and products you can also make sure your solid wood pieces of furniture will always be a source of pride in your residence and will last for several decades, never ever going out of style.

Among the many worst environmental factors for wood furniture is moisture, based on where you reside be sure that your wood furniture is treated adequately for any conditions it’s going to be subjected to. If you live within a humid area of the country you may want to only select tropical woods that will endure the changes in humidity.

In case your solid wood furniture is exposed to changes in humidity it’s going to expand and contract if the environment gets more dry. I recommend employing a de-humidifier in high humidity places to absorb all that excess dampness in the air, so that it doesn’t have an affect on your furniture.

Once you’ve figured out how much you will need to be concerned with humidity affecting your furniture, it’s pretty uncomplicated to take good care your home furniture. You need to dust frequently, so absolutely nothing collects on the surface and you can maintain it looking stunning.

Dust is pretty abrasive to wood, this means you’ll have to be careful in how you dust. Try not to use too much water while you are dusting as if it pools or stains it’s going to be hard to get rid of those stains. Try a moist towel and dust with the grain, to ensure you don’t see any streaks left behind.

After you are done dusting I would recommend using a product made especially for the treatment of wood, I personally use flax seed oil (or linseed oil) because it gives the wood a much more natural shine, although it doesn’t prevent scratches.

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