Choosing a Style for Slipcovers

It’s always tough to decide what style to choose when purchasing a slipcover. From my experience it’s best to take a look at your room and decide what the dominate color is and make a color selection based on what’s already in the room. Selecting the main color of your slipcover is just the first step, now you need to decide if you are going to choose a solid color or a pattern.

Choosing a slipcover with a pattern is usually best suited for rooms that are plain such as a light solid color paint on the walls.

A patterned slipcover can add a flair to your room and your furniture will be the focal point of the room. However if you have a room with intricate patterns, such as decorative wallpaper or an oriental rug, you probably don’t want your furniture to be the focal point and you may want to consider a solid colored slipcover.

There really are no rules to what you can and can’t do. You are the one that lives in your home and the most important thing is that you find a combination you are happy with. Quite often people will purchase 2 or 3 slipcovers for the same piece of furniture.

Possibly one patterned, one solid colored and another seasonal slipcover to reflect the changing seasons or in some cases it’s just nice to have a new look every few months. Sometimes all it takes is a small change to renew your enthusiasm for a particular room in your home.

Decorating Ideas

There are several relatively inexpensive things you can do to give your home a great new look. Slipcovers are one way that you can create a new look in your home without the expense of new furniture. The fact that you can change the look of your furniture in a few minutes with slipcovers is why I highly recommend slipcovers as an inexpensive way to update the look of your home.

There are several other relatively cheap things you can do that will give a fresh new look to your home. Many people don’t realize what something as simple as hanging framed art on a wall can do for adding character to an otherwise dull looking wall or possibly a wall tapestry.

We recently installed decorative curtain rods with curtains that matched our furniture in our living room and the change to the feel of the room was simply amazing. Our friends constantly commented on how great our home was looking after we installed the curtain rods and curtains and in fact they were convinced that we must have done more updates that just the curtains.

Another inexpensive idea, if you do it yourself, is painting your walls in colors other than shades of white. Choosing colors that complement your existing decor without detracting from items already in your room will offer a warmth and pleasant atmosphere and can be done over a week-end.

There are many more inexpensive ways to give your home a “show room” feeling that don’t cost a fortune. Over the next few months there will be several tips and ideas added to this site to help you in your quest for the perfect look without causing you to suffer financially.

Slipcover Trends

Interior design of the modern world is about comfort, style, and function. It’s also about change. We like to create new looks in our home. With a slipcover, change can occur easily and affordably. Cover a sofa, love-seat, or chair and at the same time you will change the ambiance of a room.

Keeping with tradition, these slipcovers protect furniture from dirt and sunlight. They also can change the look and decor of a room within minutes. And unlike slipcovers of the past, Sure Fit slipcovers are machine washable. They are ideal for families with pets and small children.

A slip-covered sofa costs a fraction of the price of a new sofa or custom-made slipcover. So for a small investment, you can change the look of your living room, den, dining room, or bedroom quickly and easily just by slipping on a “change of clothes” for your furniture.

 Sure Fit Slipcovers

Sure Fit Slipcovers Fit Your Furniture
Whatever style or type of furniture you have, Sure Fit has a slipcover that will work for you. Sure Fit makes slipcovers for sofas, love-seats, chairs, recliners, wing-back furniture, ottomans, folding chairs and dining room chairs.

The company also offers furniture throws and coordinating pillows. With proper styling, Sure Fit slipcovers can even fit furniture with loose back pillows and skinny arms, as well as sectionals, large chairs, sofa beds, and leather furniture.

Sure Fit Styles
The award-winning design team at Sure Fit takes its direction from the furniture market, and develops slipcovers in styles that combine the tried and true with the latest trends. Whatever style you prefer, from traditional to contemporary…whatever look you desire, whether it be modern elegance, American or French country, bold and graphic, or romantic…you can achieve it with a Sure Fit slipcover!

Sure Fit Design
Sure Fit slipcovers are “semi-fitted,” with a loosely constructed shape. Body and skirt are attached to form a patented one-piece design, so you can simply pull the cover over your furniture and follow the illustrated instructions for proper styling.

The Sure Fit design also features an inner row of elastic that is completely hidden from view under your seat cushion(s) which helps the cover contour to your furniture and keep it in place. We believe we have the best design on the market!

Sure Fit Fabrics
Sure Fit continually develops new slipcovers from the most popular fabrics and patterns from the upholstery market. All of our fabrics are machine washable and pass through rigorous quality control procedures. Today, with new fiber technology, slipcover fabrics are more luxurious and durable than ever!

Velvet, chenille and suede slipcovers are heavyweight, soft to the touch, and lavishly textured. Whether you lean towards more formal fabrics such as damask, jacquard and silk, or more casual fabrics such as denim, duck and stretch cotton knit, Sure Fit has you covered!

Sure Fit Colors and Patterns
Solid color fabrics are easy to decorate with. The Sure Fit collection features popular choices such as ivory, blue, khaki, moss, and sage green, as well as the latest fashion colors such as spice red, chocolate, and gold. You’ll also find neutrals, pastels, yellow, burgundy and indigo. Looking for patterns?

Choose from sporty stripes, classic plaids, gingham checks, colorful flora’s, and more.